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Schlafly Corporation creates opportunities for its clients

Often a client enters into a commercial real estate transaction in intervals of time. The market in the meantime changes from day to day with properties selling or leasing at changing values and terms. The benefit of engaging Schlafly Corporation is to bring present knowledge of the market to transaction.

Data on the market for properties is readily available through multiple private services. Further information on changes in the market is always being studied in order to identify opportunities.

Commercial brokerage provides services of acquisition of office buildings, retail shopping centers and office warehouse.

Commercial brokerage provides marketing services for the correct leasing office, retail shopping centers and office warehouses.


Investment Sales

Schlafly Corporation is an active creator of investor properties

With an emphasis on locating opportunities in quality locations, Schlafly Corporation actively creates investment properties. Shopping centers, multi-tenant office warehouse and office building in interesting office districts are the locus of investment sales.

In order to realize the benefit of primary market place, Schlafly Corporation pursues redevelopment of properties through the use of architectural movement and creation of new tenants.